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Photo: Autumn on Tuscan beach - Picture by Paolo Brunetti

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Photo: Maremma coast-Castiglion della Pescaia - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Castle Boccale on Tuscany Coast - Picture by Paolo Brunetti

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About Tuscany Coast

Leghorn Sea - Tuscany Coast of EtruscansEtruscan Coast is not only the right place where to take beautiful Tuscany sea pictures. Indeed, as the name Etruscan Coast reveals, here you can visit archaeological sites of the ancient Etruscan civilization, the most remarkable are Baratti and Populonia archaeological park with Etruscan tombs (called necropolis) just a stone's throw from the sea.

Along the Tuscany coast, on the road going from Leghorn up to Piombino promontory, you can take a scenic road, overlooking the sea, surrounded by the Mediterranean maquis, a dense evergreen vegetation, mostly formed by shrubs, pines, brooms.

Among the best places to photograph along the coast of the Etruscans, we recommend you Calafuria Tower and Boccale Castle standing on the rocky cliffs battered by wind and waves.

On clear days, you can take pictures of Tuscany islands emerging from the sea on the horizon, such as Capraia, Gorgona, Elba island, and even Corsica.


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Photographers on the Etruscan Coast

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Must See Places along the Etruscan Coast

Calafuria Tower
Baratti and Populonia archaeological park