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Photo: Pastures in Casentino countryside - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Great tit flying back to its nest - Picture by Alessandro Salvini

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Photo: Seagulls flying over the Tuscan sea - Picture by Fabio Beconcini

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Fallow deer in Era valley by Alessandro SalviniWild boar (cinghiale in Italian) can be considered the king of the Tuscan wildlife. Indeed, they are quite common in different areas of Tuscany countryside, even if it's not so easy to spot them. Wolves, roe and red deers especially inhabit the forests of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

A wildlife guide introducing the variety of wild animals in Tuscany will devote a good part of the bird species. Different birds of prey pass by on the Tuscan sky, such as kestrels, hawks and eagles, but the most widespread species along the Tuscan coast is definitely the seagull.





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