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Photo: Central Apuan Alps - Picture by Fabio Beconcini

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Photo: Flowers on the Apuan Alps - Picture by Fabio Beconcini

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Photo: Southern Apuan Alps - Picture by Fabio Beconcini

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Apuan Alps pictures

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About Apuan Alps

Apuan Alps - Photographer: Fabio BeconciniApuan Alps Pictures are pictures of the marble mountains, the famous Tuscany mountain range. Over the centuries, many sculptors and architects have drawn on the Apuan mountains the white Carrara marble in order to create art masterpieces.

The marble Apuan Alps are even more white in winter, when snow covers the mountains peaks, a truly enchanting landscape to photograph, you can see some pictures of snowy Apuan Alps in our photo gallery. No less charming are the Apuan Mountain pictures in spring, the blooming season when mountain walls are dressed in colorful robes.

If outside the Apuan Alps stand out along the Tyrrhenian coast, inside them caves and quarries of marble create a dense network of tunnels and galleries, a kind of labyrinth where stalactites and stalagmites join together to form wonderful bright columns.

Apuan Alps Photo Gallery - Pictures Preview

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Photographers in Apuan Alps

- Fabio Beconcini (see all Fabio Beconcini's Tuscany pictures: Apuan Alps pictures, Apennines pictures, Chianti Pictures, Islands Pictures)


Must See Places in Apuan Alps

Wind Cave (Grotta del Vento) near Vergemoli - 3 different itineraries

Corchia Cave in the Corchia Mount (Antro del Corchia) - it is about 70 km of caves and galleries with stalactites and stalagmites

Monte Forato (meaning the hollow mountain) in the Pania ring route

Fantiscritti Marble Quarries in the Carrara Marble Basin