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Photo: Snowy mountains in Tuscany - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Casentino forest - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Mushrooms in Casentino forest - Picture by Fabio Beconcini

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Apennines pictures

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About Apennine mountains

Snowy Tuscany Apennine mountainsTuscany Apennines pictures are in most cases photos of mountains with steep and wooded slopes that separate Tuscany from Emilia.

As you can see browsing 4 Tuscany Appenines photo gallery, a journey into this mountain environment is a travel among flowery prairies, waterfalls, large forests of chestnut, centuries old silver fir woods and so many lakes that the Apennine Park includes a protected area called 100 Lakes park, besides four state nature reserves.

Apennine Range extend to the upper Tiber river in the north east of Tuscany. The highest peak is Mount Cimone at 2.165 m (7.103 ft).


Apennine mountains Photo Gallery - Pictures Preview

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Photographers in Apennine mountains

- Fabio Beconcini (see all Fabio Beconcini's Tuscany pictures: Apennine Pictures, Apuan Alps Pictures, Chianti Pictures, Islands Pictures)

- David Butali (see all David Butali's Tuscany pictures: Apennines Pictures, Chianti Pictures, Coast Pictures, Maremma Pictures, Orcia Pictures)

Must See Places in Apennine mountains

Lago Santo: the largest natural lake in the Apennines

La Verna Sanctuary: the santuary founded by Saint Francis in the eastern Tuscany, where the Saint received the stigmata.

Holy Hermitage of Camaldoli

National Park of the Casentino Forests