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Photo: Tuscany mountain in Autumn- Picture by Fabio Beconcini

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Photo: Snowy forest in Tuscany - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Roe deers in the forest - Picture by David Butali

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Tuscany mountain

Tuscany forest in CasentinoThe Tuscan landscape is not just a range of hills and valleys, for those who love mountain hikes and mountain hike, Tuscany has a lot to offer.

Pictures of Apuan Alps, pictures of Appenines chain and other photos of Tuscan mountains show this well.

Take pictures of Tuscan mountains primarly means capturing the marble beauty of Apuan Alps or making photos of the Apennines' chain.

In a timeless charm, these mountain ranges are a casket of artificial and natural lakes, chestnuts, beech and oak forests, and a refuge for many wild animals such as wolves, foxes and deers.

This spectacle of nature does not extend only on the surface... An intricate labyrinth of caves, galleries, caverns stretches in the bowels of these mountains, an heaven for speleologists and for those photographers who want to take Tuscany mountains' pictures from an inusual, internal perspective.

Going up from this underground network, you can make wildlife photos at eagles and hawks flying over the mountains' peaks.

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