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Photo: Olive trees in Maremma park - Picture by Paolo Brunetti

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Photo: Pitigliano-Maremma tufa city - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Fox in the Park of Maremma - Picture by Paolo Brunetti

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Maremma pictures

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About Maremma

Pitigliano Panorama in Maremma countrysideMaremma pictures convey the spirit of Maremma wilderness in Southern Tuscany.

Natural forces, such as wind and sea, have shaped this Tuscan land covered by luxuriant vegetation. Here you can take pictures of animals and plants living in an undisturbed habitat, the reason of such an unspoiled nature is rooted in the distant past.

A few centuries ago a trip to Maremma could easily become a great adventure travel in Tuscany, since Maremma was once home of pirates, bandits and outlaws.

Although nowadays only in legends could you hear about pirate attacks and other kind of adventures in the park of Maremma, this Tuscan land is one of the least populated areas in Italy.

The Maremma coast is one of the most beautiful Tuscan coasts; clean beaches one after the other from Punta Ala to the Monte Argentario promontory.

Capalbio and Castiglione della Pescaia beaches on the Tuscan coast of Maremma are among the best beaches of Italy... lonely corners, clear sea, sandy beaches, Mediterranean vegetation, just the right place to do sea sports (sailing, windsurfing, surfing...)

Moving inland from the coast, Tuscan must-see places in Maremma are the Tuff Towns: Sovana, Sorana and Pitigliano, especially the panoramic view of Pitigliano is so amazing that's worth to take a picture. Planning your trip to this Etruscan town, perched on the edge of a tuff rock cliff, a must-do is hiking in Vie Cave (meaning sunken roads), narrow canyons that the Etruscans cut into tuff stone.

To relax you can go for a wellness holiday in Tuscan thermal springs of Maremma, like the famous Saturnia spas

If you rather a Maremma wine and food tour, you can taste Morellino di Scansano and Montecucco, some of the best Maremma wines, and you can eat wild-boar meat, acquacotta (vegetable soup), tortelli or ravioli.

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Photographers in Maremma

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Must see places Maremma

Tufa towns - Tuff cities of Maremma - Vie Cave

- Pitigliano: the little Jerusalem

- Sorano

- Sovana: one of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Thermal Baths of Saturnia

Natural Park of Maremma

Maremma Coast - Monte Argentario Promontory

- Capalbio

- Orbetello

- Porto Ercole

Roselle Archaeological Site