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Photo: Siena panorama - Picture by Karl Borg

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Photo: Siena by night - Picture by Michelangelo Di Schiena

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Photo: Facade of Sienna Cathedral - Picture by Karl Borg

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Siena pictures

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About Siena
Siena Photo Gallery
Siena Sightseeing
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About Siena

Siena panorama - Campo SquareSiena, the Tuscan city of the Palio, is situated between Chianti hills and Maremma countryside, a trully breathtaking location. Not to mention the cultural and artistic heritage, from the world wide famous Piazza del Campo where Palio di Siena is held twice each year. You can take pictures of Siena horse race on July 2 and August 16.

At any time you can climb Siena's tower, called Torre del Mangia, for beautiful views of Siena and of the Tuscan countryside. One of the highest bell towers in Italy, Mangia Tower in Siena is the ideal place from where you can take panorama photos of Siena.

In the long list of Siena must see places, one of the best top attractions is the Cathedral or Duomo of Siena, here Piccolomini Library is worth the ticket price, while the mosaic floor is uncovered only in August and September.

Another Siena sightseeing to suggest you is the hospital of Santa Maria della Scala, a pilgrims' hostel which was hospital until 1980s. Nowadays Santa Maria della Scala is a museum which includes a Siena underground route.

If you stay in Siena for a week-end, visit San Gimignano and Monteriggioni as a Siena day trip; a picture of the turreted skyline of San Gimignano, which makes the Tuscan town resemble to a medieval Manhattan, is something that can not to miss among your photos of Siena countryside. But the countryside around Siena is really terrific and so full of must see places that is difficult to make a choice. If you stay in Siena some days more, it is definitely woth sightseeing the abbey of San Galgano.

Siena Photo Gallery - Pictures Preview

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Photographers in Siena

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Siena Sightseeing

Siena Campo Square (Piazza del Campo Siena)
- Mangia Tower (Torre del Mangia)
- Town Hall (Palazzo Pubblico)
- Gaia Fountain (Fonte Gaia of Jacopo della Quercia)
Siena Cathedral
- Piccolomini Library (frescoes of Pinturicchio)

Must See Places near Siena

San Gimignano (40 km)
Monteriggioni (15 km)
Val d'Orcia - Pienza (57 km)
San Galgano Abbey - Abbazia di San Galgano (37 km)