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Photo: Castiglione della Pescaia - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Full moon in Tuscany - Picture by David Butali

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Photo: Lake near Sansepolcro - Picture by David Butali

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David Butali

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About me

I was born in Arezzo on 7th June 1966, where I now live and work. My professional career has followed a very common track, it was actually a hobby at the beginning (I am completely self-taught in photography) and I became always busier depending on the tasks and occasions I came across. I bought my first reflex camera in the 80's, it was a Nikon F501.

After having used it for several years and gathering more than thousands pictures, digital cameras arrived on the market so I bought a Canon Ixus compact camera after my son's birth. So thanks to the easy usability and very low costs on this occasion and after some quiet period it suddenly came the awakening! As I worked (and I still do) on the information technology world, I soon became interested in the union of pictures & computers. During a couple of years I tried several types (Samsung, Panasonic) and compact cameras trying to look for that one which seemed to be unique but also different from the rest. In the end and since I was not very satisfied for one camera in particular, I decided to pass to the reflex digital ones and I bought a Canon 500D (an entry level) just arrived on the market. It was just a year ago. At the same I time I started to get interested in the optics and features offered by the digital world. I soon after bought a wide-angle lens (Sigma 10-20) and a medium telephoto (Canon 24-105) and a gorgeous Canon 50mm. I also bought a telephoto lens (Sigma 70-300) that allowed me to do good macro photographs, being an acceptable even if quality was a bit poor. To sum up, those lenses had all what I needed at that time.

Then I started to took many photographs devoting many hours of my free time during the weekends and I also got to know Flickr as a place to show my own jobs and to compare them with other photographers; and on that site I also noticed other new ways of taking pictures with a reflex. So after one year I changed my point of view, that is to say, I learned how to value mi pictures as I became much more critical with my jobs done. I am satisfied of that and now I know that I can still improve many things day by day.

Of course I also learned how to elaborate images with editing software and bought some books. That was very useful for the classic modifications and also to make the images nicer just adding some personal effects. Anyway the effect was not always accepted by some well-known, purist photographers. In fact we cannot speak about photographs but digital works; in this case pictures are the starting point.

My Tuscany Photo Book

Flickr and some other web have published my pictures and they have encouraged me to make a selection of my best jobs. I have just published a book, My Tuscany, on I must say that this book is not a celebration of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, but an book of art and photography regarding some well-known Tuscan landscapes, I guess you will notice that if you have a look at the pages. Libraries are full of nice books of tuscan pictures done by professional photographers but I wished to do something different. And I have done it. So to sum up my passion for nature and landscapes is reflected on my jobs and I hope I have been able to provoke an emotion, something to be remembered on the viewer rather than a comment on the technique of the picture itself. I hope I succeeded with this book. This is a source to see my book.

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